The Secret to Setting AND Achieving Your #BlogGoals in 2016 (For Real This Time)

It's a December tradition to set our goals for 2016. To define our "New Year's Resolutions." And while it's not hard to daydream about what the next year will bring for your blog and how much money you'll make, it's harder to actually complete these goals. 

I know you've been there: pumped on December 31st for a fresh start, only to hit April and wonder what the hell happened to the first four months. And your goals? Lost somewhere in the past 120 days never to be seen or heard from again.

Still struggling to grow your readership. Still making a grand total of zero dollars from your blog.

But this year will be different.


Because this year, I'm telling you the secret to making your big blog business goals stick, and it's a simple mindset shift that will keep you motivated and keep yourself in check.


The trick is to make your goals results-oriented.

WTF does that mean?

Well, I've heard from a LOT of bloggers that have told me about their goals. They usually sound like "grow my traffic," or "get more Facebook fans."

Nu-uh. Stop right there.

Those aren't goals. Those are the tiniest seedlings of a goal.

A goal is something you can measure against. Something tangible. Something that challenges you just enough to where you think it might not be possible; Slightly out of reach.

So instead of "grow my traffic," you want "increase visitors by 5% every month."

Instead of saying "start making money from my blog," you want to "make $500 per month through affiliate links."

Instead of "start a Facebook group," let's go with "start a Facebook group and get 500 members by March 2016."

Forget "start an email list," and instead write down "start an email list and get 500 subscribers by May 2016."

These are all SUPER actionable goals that you can then break down into smaller, bite-sized goals and plot your way to success without getting overwhelmed by the sheer weight of it all. For example, if I wanted to grow my email list by 500 subscribers in 3 months, that would be 38 new subscribers a week, or just over 5 a day.

See how 5 subscribers a day is so much more manageable? By breaking your actions down in smaller chunks, you can start to see how to pull it off.

What do you need to do to get 5 new subscribers per day? One option is to create a free download once a month and promote it consistently on social media. Using the right hashtags and conversation starters, 38 subscribers a week doesn't seem so daunting.

So there it is: make your goals actionable and results-oriented instead of pie-in-the-sky and unspecific goals. 

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