Why Link Parties Are a Waste of Time (And What to Do Instead)

Truth bomb: link parties are a waste of your time and are never going to lead to quality, consistent traffic wins. 


Because the (lovely) ladies in your link party are not likely to be your ideal reader. They may visit you when prompted, but tell me: how many consistent, loyal readers have you gained from dropping a link into a chatroll or comment section full of other women who are out for a quick pageview hit? 

Probably not many. 
In fact, maybe none. 

So here's a test. One not for the faint of heart, but only for the determined. If you've got your linky parties queued up in your calendar every day of the week in an effort to move your needle, stop. 

For a week or two, just stop going. See what happens to your traffic. 

If it crashes, you'll know those women didn't exactly love you for what you're posting. 

Which is totally fine by my accounts, because here's what you need to be doing instead of spinning your wheels on link parties and Twitter chats: identify who your ideal reader really is and start creating content that attracts her. That brings her into your community. That makes her stick around for longer than a single pageview. 

But how do you figure out who your ideal reader really is? I've got a solution for you and it's totally free: 

Download my FREE Ideal Reader Worksheet that will ask you all the questions you need answers to in order to figure out who you should be talking to through your blog. Hit the button below to get it! 

I promise that once you understand who you're talking to, how your experiences can help her, and how to improve her life, the blogging will get easier, the traffic will come faster, and the wins will be so much sweeter.