3 Elements That Affect Your Pinterest Search Ranking

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Pinterest is the new Google.

I mean, how many times have you put something like "black boots" or "easy chicken recipes" into the search bar of Google?

How about those same terms in the search bar of Pinterest? Yeah, that's what I thought.

See, Pinterest isn't just the preferred way visual creatures search for recipes, fashion, DIYs and art projects — it's also a heavy hitter in the SEO game.

Google indexes Pinterest results, so if you're raking like a boss on Pinterest, you're likely rising pretty high in Google search, too — both individual pins and boards show up in Google's main search and image search areas.

So how do you ensure that you keep that sweet, sweet SEO juice flowing on both sides of the search bar? Optimize the heck out of the following by stacking them with keywords you want to "rank" for, while keeping your content reading like a human wrote it, not some crazy spam bot. 

  1. Repins — Repins are to Pinterest as links in to a blog post are to Google. This means that the more repins you have, the better your content is looking in the eyes of Pinterest. Repins matter most when it comes to traffic, too, since it's the repin that makes your content "go viral" by being exposed to an exponential amount of people in the smart feed.
  2. Followers — Followers may not be the most important element in driving traffic, but they have a significant weight where Pinterest SEO is concerned. Pinterest sees followers as a virtual "thumbs up" that you have consistent, quality content that people want, so it ranks those with high followers higher in search results. 
  3. Optimization — Optimizing your profile, boards, board descriptions, pins, images, and image files are all incredibly important when it comes to showing up in search because it's the keywords there (in the descriptions and captions) that help Pinterest point people in the proper direction. 

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