The 1 Reason Social Media is So Overwhelming (And What You Can Do About It)

I know lots of bloggers that hide from social media. 

Maybe it's because you get super overwhelmed with how much time it's taking you to cover it all.

Or that you feel like you're spinning your little hamster wheel and not really gaining any momentum.

Or maybe you don't have any followers despite your efforts to grow an audience.

See, the thing is, it's not really the fact that social media itself is overwhelming, it's the fact that you feel like you gotta be everywhere when you really don't.

In fact, you SHOULDN'T be on every single platform known to man. You should only be on the networks that your audience is hanging out on.

Because why would you want to focus on Twitter when a majority of your traffic comes from Pinterest?

Or spend time nailing down a Snapchat strategy when your audience is 40-year-old moms? 

Let's fact it — 40-year-old moms aren't on Snapchat. Heck, 33-year-old moms aren't even on Snapchat (I'm one of them). Nope, they're on Facebook. And that's where you should be if that's who you're trying to reach.

Strategically trying out new platforms one at a time is different than hastily posting on all of them just because you think you "have" to be there.

And if you've been there and it's not working for you? Stop doing it.

Feed the beasts.
Nurture your successes, not your failures.

Because honestly? Most of us don't have enough time to keep doing things that aren't working.

Don't forget — social media is how most people find your content these days, so focus your efforts!

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