Why It's Smart to Guarantee Traffic to Your Native Ads (And How It'll Earn You More)

One of the biggest reasons keeping brands from investing their time (and money) in working with "unknown" bloggers?


Risk that they'll pay your asking rate and not get any significant return on their investment in the form of engagement or visitors.

And risk that you'll say something they don't like in your post, landing them in hot water with consumers, their board members, or the law. 

But if you've been following the teachings of The Brand Bible ebook, you know that creating content that takes into account the brand's objectives and truly collaborating on what your post will be about will put some of these risk concerns to rest. There is another play you can make in order to really foster trust between you and your brand partner — guarantee a traffic benchmark. 

By promising that you'll hit a certain traffic benchmark (whether that's unique visitors, pageviews, shares, time on page, or another metric), it lets the brand know that you also have skin in the game. They know that you'll do everything in your power to make that threshold; That you're in this together. 

So how would you calculate your traffic benchmark? Look at the average metric you'll be guaranteeing (again, unique visitors, pageviews, shares, time on page, or whichever one you'll be focusing on) per post for the last 6 months. That's your benchmark. Promising that won't be too much of a stretch for you, so guaranteeing it is an easy way to put a brand's mind at ease, foster trust, and help you earn more money from your new partnership. 

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