Create Next-Level Content Brands Can't Resist With These 4 Sponsored Post Add-Ons

Now that your blog is a business, working with brands won't make you feel like a sellout. Instead, you'll know that it's a good business decision because let's face it — businesses can't operate for free. And if you're following the teachings of The Brand Bible, you'll know that quality content — something both your readers and your brand partner will love — is what will increase your payday. 

So since you're getting this opportunity to work with brands (and make some real money), why not maximize your potential by investing some of your payment back into the content you're creating and take your blog to the next level? 

What do I mean? Here's an example: 

Let's say you're a lifestyle blogger and are working with Sherwin-Williams on some cool painting-related posts, but want to kick things up a notch and do some DIYs, too. You've got a big one in mind that you've always wanted to create but never had the funds to devote to it on your own. 

Pitch that baby to Sherwin-Williams and (finally) make it happen! Not only will they be getting some highly customized content, but you'll be checking off some posts from your bucket list, increasing your skill set, AND have some killer examples of what you're capable of for future brands. 

This is the beauty of sponsored posts; They can be an opportunity for you to do all the things you've always wanted to do, but never had the personal funds to produce. 

Think about it: with the money you're making from a brand, you could be increasing your overall quality by investing in yourself and your blog in ways you couldn't have before (not just saving for a vacation), which will in turn, attract MORE readers and brands to you and increase your earning potential down the road. 

You could even include the cost of some of these add-ons into your post rate so you don't feel the effect of their cost at all. 

Bottom line? Don't just settle for standard content with brands. Use them as your opportunity to make your blog something special, reach for new heights, and attract tons of new readers while you're at it. Here are four ways you can level-up your next sponsored post: 

  • Graphics and art — Hire a professional graphic designer to create some killer pinnable graphics for your post. This will help you meet any traffic minimums, and look great on your portfolio. 
  • Professional photos — Stop the blurry, too-dark madness! It's OK if you're not good behind the camera because there are plenty of people that are. Check out places like eLance, Fiverr, or Thumbtack to find pros in your area that can help you upgrade your next photoshoot. 
  • Videos — Rent an awesome camera and find a pro (or semi-pro! See above) to help you shoot some sweet videos next time you're creating a recipe or how-to. 
  • Supplies — That DIY or tutorial you've always wanted to create? Spend the dollars to actually DO IT. 

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