The Everyday System That Will Make You a More Successful Blogger in 2016

Want to know the secret to creating content — or managing your social media, managing your business tasks, or anything really — more efficiently and with an increased level of focus? It’s not magic, but it is the same method that billionaire CEOs, life hackers, and yours truly use.

It’s performing tasks in blocks of time.

Let’s take a look at your current workflow:

You sit down at your computer, check email, check the news and your social media feeds, maybe you get up to grab some coffee before you finally settle in to start on your Big Task of the day. But you hear a ding from your email so you switch over to that and start to reply, but with it being the first thing in the morning, your husband/co-worker/friend checks in on IM. You have a quick convo before switching back to your Big Task. But — whoops — you forgot to finish replying to that email you started so you head back on over to your email to wrap that up.

Your coffee is finally kicking in and you realize you forgot to log your expenses from that trip to the office supply store yesterday so you open up your Quickbooks (or whatever you use) and make it rain on your expense sheet. You’ve got a call with a client coming up in a few minutes, so rather than finishing up the expenses, you browse Twitter and reply to a few tweets to burn time. Your Big Task pops back into your mind but it’ll have to wait until after your conference call. . .

Seeing a pattern here?

Without a solid structure, your schedule can get whack real fast, leaving your Biggest Tasks unfinished. Your mind is scattered, and when you actually do sit down to do the important stuff, you’re distracted by all the other dings and bings and updates and calls.

Stop the insanity! 

Performing your tasks in blocks of time allows your mind to focus 100% on the job in front of you and get more done in less time.

I call it The Blocking Method. 

What you’ll be learning in this post is how scheduling your content and social media tasks over a course of a few hours or an entire day can cut down the total time you’re spending on these to-dos. This leaves more time for your family. On business-building tasks that actually bring in the dollars. On coming up with brilliant new ideas and products for your blogging business.

So let's do this.


What Is The Blocking Method?

The Blocking Method allows you systematize your blogging and social media tasks. It's virtually eliminated the head-pounding, fist-balling experience of sitting down in front of your computer screen and having that cursor laugh at you in the face.

Now that you know EXACTLY who your ideal reader is, this method will also help you brainstorm better topics that speak directly to her (or him), so you’ll never be left wondering if the posts you’re publishing are connecting with your readers. It’ll become automatic.

And you know what else? This method — when done in the way that I’ve laid out — will have you brainstorming an entire month's worth of content (or more) in less than a day.

I call this The Blocking Method, some people call it “batching” — it’s where you perform similar tasks in batches in order to complete more of that task at once.

So for me, my Blocking time looks like this:

  • One day per month: Brainstorm all content for the month ahead, and plot it out on my editorial calendar.
  • One day per month: Produce content and put all posts on timers.
  • One day per month: Schedule all social media marketing surrounding my content.

That’s it.

I mean, how much would your life change if you knew that you run your blog in three days PER MONTH, and sit down at your computer already knowing what you were going to write about?

Every. Single. Time.

It's a game-changer, you guys. Game. Changer.

And you can use this system with anything related to your blogging business:

  • One day to research and pitch link partnerships.
  • One day to pitch brands for sponsorship opportunities.
  • One day to work on your next product, ecourse, or ebook.

Your options become endless and your time becomes abundant.

And The Blocking Method is something that you can implement to make your 2016 more productive and lucrative, especially if you're planning ahead.

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