Bonus: Blog Brainstorms For Tonya and Amanda

Throughout the Blog to Business Challenge, I asked you all to send me your links in order to participate in a Blog Brainstorm or Headline Hot Seat. I was blown away by the response, which is why I'm compiling most of the responses here in the last week of the challenge. Even if I don't get to them all here today, I'm continuing these in blog posts and podcasts outside of the Blog to Business Challenge, so if you don't see your blog here, don't fret! 

I won't let my girls down! 

You'll find these in rapid-fire responses, so I highly recommend clicking on their blog links to see what they're all about! 

Who: Tonya
Blog: Sprinkle on Glitter
Topic: Fashion illustrations and art education.

My Suggestions: 

Trending Style

I love how some of your posts are illustrations of different styles of fashion — like your hat roundup. Maybe you can do fashion based on trending topics, news, or events? It would depend on how quick you could churn out the illustrations, but it could be worth your while to create looks inspired by current events. 

Like I said, your fall hats post is awesome so more style guides could be really fun. I would, however go for larger images versus smaller illustrations that are grouped together. I want to see more of your work! 


Maybe you recreate or dissect fashion designers from fashion week or red carpet looks from award season. 

Illustrated Fashion Blog

Overall, I think a fashion blog in illustrated form could be really interesting concept that could do extremely well since it would be so unique. Check out popular fashion blogs and recreate those looks using your own style. 


You didn't ask for this, but I think you could make some money by creating coloring books (you mention your Ideal Reader is someone who likes to dream about a more creative life, and coloring books for adults are so hot right now!) and selling your prints in an online shop. 

Who: Amanda
Blog: Amanda Creation 
Topic: Party ideas and "Celebrating Everyday" 

My Suggestions: 

Everyday Ideas
I love how you've grouped your party inspiration into themes. Really smart! I think since you want to focus on the "everyday" aspect, maybe you could do small, quick ideas that don't involve a lot of work. Perhaps this is something as simple as ideas on how to throw a Friday night family fun night after a particularly hectic week. 

Everyday Themes
You know those weird holiday calendars I talked about? Now's the time to break those out and highlight a few that you might want to write about. Just like OREO did on Facebook, you could have an "everyday" theme . . . well, everyday! You recently put up a post for National Coffee Day, so you get the idea, just repeat that all year long. 

Bring Pinterest to Your Blog
I love how many boards you have on Pinterest! Obviously you're the party planner magnifique, but in order to bring in that "everyday" feel, I'd start to post more of the attainable tips and tricks and inspiration on your blog, too.