The First Step to Making Money From Your Blog

Warning: real talk ahead. 

Most blogs will fail. Nearly all of them. Maybe even yours. 


Because most bloggers treat their blogs as an eeehhh whenever-I-get-to-it-task that can be completed any time. But here's the thing: you can't build a business from a hobby, unless you start to take that hobby seriously. 

Let's also get one thing clear: throwing some Adsense banners onto your blog and calling it a day does not make a business; Mostly because you would have to get MILLIONS of visitors to your blog to even start to make a dent in an actual, livable income. 

Stop chasing pennies. 

In order to make a REAL living from your blog, you must start thinking of your blog as a bona fide business. Even if you aren't getting much traffic. 

Even if you get ZERO traffic. You absolutely must get into the right mindset in order to make this thing a success. 

Consider this — businesses don't just open whenever the owner feels like going in. Businesses can't exist without a reasonable amount of growth year over year, quarter over quarter, or even month over month. A business owner wants her business to expand, be seen, service more people, and create a profit. A business needs a plan to meet goals. 

Hobbies don't need any of those things, so if you're totally comfortable running your blog and not making any money from it, that's fine, too. 

But this week in the challenge is ALL about making some real money — mostly from sponsored posts, but I'll even throw some tips out there for those who are looking for other ways to monetize (so keep an eye out for some bonus content). 

So: are you running your blog like a business or a hobby? People who think of their blog as a business: 

If you want to eventually turn your blog into a money making business, allowing you to quit your day job or work from anywhere, you need to get into the mindset of a business owner. 

Like I mentioned before, this week is all about the money, honey, but I think the last three weeks have been incredibly important to go through first, so you can get to know yourself and your ideal reader and learn how you both fit together. 

I want you to feel GOOD about making money from your blog. 
Because you're helping others. 
You're putting in the elbow grease, not just trying to make a quick buck. 

And because I believe in you, today's action and bonus is pretty special to me. 

Today's Action

Earlier this year, I wrote an ebook called The Brand Bible. It's my first (for sale at Amazon right now), but if you're a subscriber to the email list, you're getting three chapters as your bonus today! 

The three chapters included in today's email will give you a really good start to knowing how to work with brands on sponsored posts, but naturally we'll be diving deeper into the process this week.