Trending Topics: How to Use Them For Post Inspiration and Traffic Boosts

Want to know how to get a quick traffic boost and attract new audiences that are into the same things that you are? 

Cover trending topics. 

Let me set the scene: 

You've brainstormed, scheduled, and produced all your content for the week (or month), put those babies on timers, and scheduled out all your social media posts to boot. 

You're totally done, right? 

Eeeeeh. Maybe not. 

This is the Internet. Things — and the news — move FAST, ladies.

If you wanna go pro, you can also use the news and trending topics for smart and quick traffic boosts when something SUPER relevant happens in your world.  

Warning: this is not for everyone, and it may not be for you. But, I'd like to talk you through the process so that you can decide for yourself. 

Let me break down how this "newsjacking" strategy works 

Check The News Daily

Your blog is your business now, so you if you want to make big moves you kinda gotta be ready to make quick decisions to move it forward — like covering news and trends in order to bring new traffic into your site. 

However, it's super easy to get sucked into checking your social feeds every waking minute of the day but I IMPLORE you to keep your news-checking . . . well, in check. 

Know your priorities. Check the news in the morning and at night, and leave it at that. You're not breaking news stories here, but you can use the news to start conversations with your audience and use it to inspire your content. 

Here's an example: 

I'm sure you remember the recent Ashley Madison leak that exposed millions of people who used the service, mainly men, many of which are (or were?) married. 

It's a devastating situation for millions of families, but it can be a good way for you to start a meaningful conversation with your audience if it's relevant to you. 

For instance, if you have a relationship or lifestyle blog that talks a lot about marriage, then you could use this news to open up a discussion about trust in your marriage, and put your own personal spin on the news. 

If you do this, don't worry about your editorial schedule. Just publish it. And when you promote it on social media, use any relevant hashtags to get even more eyeballs on your content. 

The key here isn't just to simply "post" the news, but to provide value by adding your voice, your experience, and your ideas to the conversation. 

Help people. 

You could even brainstorm a few more stories and post them over the next few days or replace the things you have scheduled, and simply keep those other posts for later. 

Other post examples could include: 

  • How to make your marriage stronger
  • What to do when you find out your significant other is cheating
  • How to handle cheating in a marriage 
  • How to bounce back from trust issues
  • Or a personal essay about how you handled a similar situation 

So how are we feeling? Overwhelmed a little bit? 

Don't be — this is something you can start playing around with when you get the hang of blocking your content. Just make sure that: 

  • The news and trends you cover are incredibly relevant to you and your blog 
  • You add value to the conversation 
  • You stay true to your voice and vision of your blog
  • You're writing for your ideal reader and what he or she needs 

So the next question you might have is: 

Great. Well, where do I find these trending topics? 

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