Revamping Old Content and Turning Zeroes into Heroes

If you've been blogging for a while, you probably have a TON of content out there on the Internet already. But since we all — like Drake — start from the bottom, it's likely that some of our earlier content wasn't seen by that many people. 

Or, it's possible that we published blog posts that weren't an immediate hit (or a hit at all, to be frank). 

So rather than just let that content sit there in your archives and die a slow death, let's resuscitate it. Bring it back to life with a few simple tweaks, then republish those posts back to the top of our feeds and give it a second go. 

They say cats have nine lives but guess what — your blog posts can, too. 


When Can You Republish Old Content? 

  • When you want a day off from blogging 
  • When you're going on vacation 
  • When you don't know what to blog about (but this will never happen again, right?)
  • When there's news related to something you wrote about a long time ago 
  • When a post you published totally bombed (and you want to try it again)
  • When a post did OK, but you want to see if it would work BETTER with a different angle 
  • When you've nailed down your ideal reader and want to refresh ALL of your past content to target him/her
  • When you want to try a new headline
  • When you add new photos 
  • When you want to make an old post a part of a new series 


What Changes Can You Make? 

  • New headlines (Should always be improving on this!) 
  • New photos (Should always be improving on this!) 
  • New angles (ie, align to a holiday) 
  • New target audience 
  • New information 
  • New links to new information 
  • New pinnable graphics 
  • New social promotion 
  • New structure 

Long story short and rest assured — you could make any excuse to republish old content and it would still be legit. There's no reason why you can't constantly be improving on your past work and getting it out there to be seen by more people. Zero. 

So let's take a deeper look at the art of refreshing old content in a few key scenarios. 


Old Content 

Look back in your blog's archives and find some evergreen posts that you loved, tweak the headlines and the images as a baseline requirement (since you should always be learning and improving on those elements), and tweak the copy to reflect any new information or changes. 

Most Popular Content 

Head on over to Google Analytics to find your most popular landing pages over a period of time. I'd suggest the last year at LEAST. 

Google Analytics > Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages

Since you know people LOVE your top content, I wouldn't make too many changes, but you can continue to republish those posts as a way to "feed the beasts" like we talked about on Day 3. 


Least Popular Content 

Conversely, look at your lowest performing content and change it up to give that topic another go. Don't assume that just because people didn't like it the first time that they won't like it a second time after a few changes. You likely have new followers or readers at this point, you know your ideal reader now, you know when and how to align to holidays and events, and you know more about structuring a blog post for success. 

Go forth and tweak the crap out of those failed posts. Turn those zeroes into heroes. 


Trending Topics and News 

If there's something trending on social media (I watch Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for trends daily), revamp an old post on the same topic with a news-worthy headline, add in some new images and get that bad boy back up to the top of your feed. Also republish some social media posts around it to get more eyeballs on. 


Take Note! 

Don't change your URLS. If you do, your old links (links into your blog via other bloggers and social media) will be turned into dead links. And you don't want dead links. 

However, if you're updating one of your least popular posts and they probably don't have any links in anyway (and not a lot of shares), it's probably fine to make a URL change to improve SEO. Just use your best judgement. 


Today's Action

Revamp an old post using the tweaks and tips above and get it back up to the top of your site this week! 

There's no free bonus today (this one's pretty simple!), but please do leave your questions in the comments below. 

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