Week 1 Homework: Define Your Content Strategy

There's no better way to learn something than to go through the process yourself. I could talk AT you forever, but the principals and lessons won't sink in until you do it yourself. 

That's why I've included homework in the Blog to Business Challenge — so you can walk through the processes you're learning this month. 

For our first week's homework, you'll be taking all of the lessons you learned this week and building your content strategy.

Now that you know your ideal audience, your metrics, and you've answered all the questions in the content strategy worksheet, it's time to put it into one actionable document that you can refer back to whenever you feel like you've gotten off course. 

All of this week's documents are hitting your inbox every day, and today is no exception.

And here's something else: send your completed worksheet to me at hello@launchladies.com along with any questions you have, I may even offer up some feedback and notes in additional bonus content! 

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