Get more traffic without advertising. Or stress. 

Let's face it: right rails and sponsored ads are dead zones in 2015. People know exactly where and when to switch off and glaze over. But there is a way to actually draw people to your site without dropping a ton of Benjis on Google or Facebook's table. It's not magic, it's called content. 

Content = blogs, podcasts, and videos, photos, newsletters, and social media feeds. You know, the stuff you read, listen to, and watch every day. 

Businesses of any size can benefit from producing content and building communities on social media. By producing content that helps your customers figure it out, solve problems, entertain, and improve their lives, you'll earn your customer's trust. You'll gain website visitors and repeat pageviews because of the awesome value you're adding to their day (not just because you forced your way into their Facebook feeds). And once you have their trust, they'll return for more. Day after day, you'll build your army, and your army is more likely to buy from you. 

E=MC2: Except the E means trust and the MC2 means (hella) sales. 


There are hundreds — Thousands! Millions! — of self-made entrepreneurs who know this truth. Who live it every single day. And now it's your turn. 

But you're not just an any-size business. You're small. Micro. Solo. And the idea of spending more of what little time you have remaining in your day in front of a computer screen blogging or recording just doesn't seem feasible. 


Good news: there is a way to produce amazing content while running your business, get enough sleep, and be present in the rest of your life, too. 


How to Create Content and Stay Sane is your guidebook to effectively creating valuable and sharable content, increasing traffic to your site, and making more money for your business in less than 24 hours a month. 


In this ebook, I bust through myths like: 

  • You have to be a writer in order to come up with killer blog posts 
  • You're in this alone 
  • Content creation is hard 
  • Social media takes up a ton of time 
  • It's mind-numbingly difficult to come up with good ideas to begin with
  • You need prior experience to do any of this

You'll learn:

  • The one time management method that will significantly reduce the amount of time you're spending on content and social media by 85% or more
  • How to consistently come up with good ideas to produce for your blogs, podcasts, videos, and newsletters
  • The single element that's missing from your content and preventing your blogs from being shared
  • How to create your own "editorial meetings" that far outweigh and outperform those that the professionals are having out there right now
  • The one tool you need to keep all of this content organized
  • And, well, how to stay sane through it all

Hey, and you'll get some awesome freebies, too! 

When you download How to Create Content and Stay Sane, you'll also get: 

  • A quarterly seasonal calendar of all the biggest events and themes that publishers use to snag views and clicks to their sites. 
  • A content to-do checklist to ensure your content is optimized for today's Internet before publishing. 


Download the ebook now. Reap the rewards later.