Never Ask "what should I blog about?" again. 


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Fempire Academy Daily takes the guesswork out of planning your blog posts so you can focus on growing your audience, making money, and turning your dream of becoming a pro blogger into reality. 





  • Discouraged because you're lacking inspiration, in a writing rut, or have no idea what to blog about? 
  • Confused about how to actually plan your editorial calendar in a way that saves you time and makes sense (and money)? 
  • Defeated because you see other bloggers consistently pushing out great content while you feel the pressure of delivering SOMETHING ... but you're not sure what? 
  • Exhausted from juggling your home, kids, day job, friends and don't have the energy to brainstorm blog posts? 
  • Overwhelmed with the amount of research, open tabs, time, and work it takes to create consistent content for your blog? 
  • Frustrated because the little time you DO have needs to be focused on creating versus struggling to find something to blog about. 
  • Disheartened because writers block is real and sometimes you can go weeks without creating something you feel proud of. 

Most of us start a blog because we dream of sharing what we love with the world, building a passionate audience, having the freedom and flexibility to create our own schedules, and spend more time with our loved ones, right?  


But many bloggers experience burnout and frustration because they just can't seem to keep the idea train moving at a steady pace, and as a result, feel like they're not getting the traction they need to make their blogs a real business.


And honestly? Sometimes it feels like you're out of ideas and your creativity has dried up. And HOLY COW that is frustrating. 



In fact, you might wonder if the struggle and stress is worth it in the first place. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. And the Fempire Academy Daily can solve your biggest frustrations: lack of ideas and clarity. 



A FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND SUBSCRIPTION THAT DELIVERS fresh blog ideas 5 days a week, plus content coaching and advanced blogging strategies to try EVERY WEEK, EVERY MONTH, AND EVERY QUARTER.

All for $50 a year.

Fempire Academy Daily is brilliant! I’m more inspired and organized than I’ve ever been before thanks to this email.
— Sarah G.

Combining the best of online courses, live workshops, and content coaching, Fempire Academy Daily takes the guesswork out of blogging and keeps you inspired, creative, and looking ahead so you can focus on the important tasks that can turn your blog into a real business. 


It's a professional blogging coach in your inbox. 



An energizing weekday email that gets your creative juices flowing: feeding you blog post ideas, trending topics, news, prompts, and creative exercises. Spend less time agonizing over what to blog about and more time building a blog that matters. 


A weekly action-packed email to keep you organized, on track with your goals, and producing like a pro while offering tips, advice, killer links, and insights from creative bloggers that are crushing it (and how you can learn from their wins).


A monthly email focused on internet domination through perfectly planned editorial calendars, traffic-growing strategies, and a rundown of the holidays, events, seasonal and monthly highlights that expands your content and keeps your tribe happy. 


A quarterly email that pumps you up to strategize big picture projects, work with brands on money-making campaigns, and capitalize on social, video, and industry trends to get more traffic, more eyeballs, and make a bigger impact on your audience. 


$50 a year. That's less than $1 a week. 



  • Trending topics and how to personally angle them for your audience 
  • News stories and ideas for how to cover them on your blog or socials 
  • Trending hashtags to jump into 
  • Tips of the day
  • A daily writing prompt to get you in the zone 
  • Reminders of the day's holidays, events, premieres, birthdays and anniversaries, and how to cover them without looking cheap 


  • Questions of the week from our Fempire Academy Daily subscribers 
  • Case studies, inspiration, and lessons learned from top bloggers
  • Tips and reminders for best practices on your blog, social, and video programs (or how to start them) 
  • Keyword drops to help you generate more long-term, SEO-optimized content 
  • Best articles from around the internet that you just gotta read 
  • Editorial calendar planning hints, hacks, reminders, and must-do's 
  • Motivational mantras, exercises, and encouragement 


  • In-depth calendar for the month's upcoming holidays, events, premieres, birthdays, anniversaries, "this day in history," fun facts, and all those "weird holidays" social media totally devours, plus ideas on how to use them for your blog 
  • Editorial calendar planning tips and reminders 
  • Fresh tactical ideas and strategies to grow your traffic, your audience, and your personal brand 
  • Lessons learned from the previous month: how to lean into wins and avoid losses 
  • Fempire Featurette: A fellow Fempire builder talks through how she crushed her goals so you can learn from her wins


  • Tentpole planning for the quarter ahead based on seasonality and emerging trends 
  • How to plan and build bigger money-making content campaigns that brands won't be able to resist 
  • New and forward-looking ideas and strategies for you to make real money from your blog 
  • Tips and advice for how to use video to connect with your audience on a deeper level 
  • Projects to make your blog a legit business, like building media kits, outreach lists, and PR basics
  • Inspiration, quotes, interviews, and highlights from around the blogging world 


Bonus #1: a private facebook group with direct access and support from me during office hours

Bonus #2: Monthly challenges to get your mind right, blog tight, and social presence in tip top shape. 


What people are saying about the Fempire Academy Daily

I love the Fempire Academy Daily because the ideas I get aren’t cliche and even if every blogger gets this email, we’d all cover the topics and prompts differently.
— Stephanie R.
Blogging is hard work, but this email has made it so much more enjoyable because of the mountains of ideas I have now!
— Julie G.
I lost steam on my blog in a big way a few months ago, but I totally turned things around with this insanely helpful email. Totally worth the $50 and honestly, I’d pay more.
— Sophie H.
I have a full-time job, two kids, and a busy household, so finding time to blog in the first place is a challenge. Now I can’t wait to plan ahead and I can do it really fast thanks to the monthly email.
— Lyndsay M.

Wanna see it for yourself? Try it on for size below. 



  • Generate an endless list of blog post ideas 
  • Produce a working and efficient editorial cal
  • Stay on top of trending topics and news
  • Angle those trends to fit your blog
  • Produce more SEO-optimized content 
  • Spend less time brainstorming, more time creating
  • Get you fired up to engage with your tribe
  • Learn top bloggers secrets of success 
  • Get comfortable with creating video 
  • Kick start your email newsletter
  • Build partnerships for more exposure
  • Focus on the money-making tasks in your blogging business
  • Cultivate your personal brand 
  • Work with brands without selling out 
  • Plan farther ahead to get content clarity 
  • Set smart goals and crush them 
  • Make a real business from your blog 
  • Give you clarity on what you're creating, why, and who for

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Meet kristy: the blog coach in your inbox


I'm Kristy Ellington and I've been a content creator for the last 10 years that includes writing, editing, producing, and directing all kinds of content from blogs to videos.

I've written for POPSUGAR, Refinery29, Women's Heath, and worked with brands like Hilton, Nike, Under Armour, Netflix, Kraft, Oreo, and hundreds more on blog partnerships, influencer campaigns, and custom content programs. 

Basically? I've seen it all and have had the privilege to work with, and learn from the best in the industry. 

Which means I know the secrets to turning blogs into multi million-dollar media empires, how to make five- and six-figure deals with sponsors, and how to build up influencers to attract brands of all sizes. 

And it starts with creativity, planning, and persistence. 

You don't have to want to build a media empire, but you can still operate like one by using the secrets, tactics, and methods big publishers use to get insane clarity on your content, know exactly who you're creating this content for, and how to build a real business from your blog. 

I can show you how to spend less time struggling to come up with ideas and more time focusing on important business-building tasks. Spend less time staring blankly at your computer and more time burning through your to-do list so you can hang with your family and friends. 

Spend less time feeling frustrated and more time feeling liberated. 

That's why I created the Fempire Academy Daily: to get (and keep) you in a creative mindset, provide support and guidance, and get you one step closer to the life you dream of — every single day. 


Want in? Hit the button below now and subscribe before we launch in october 2017! 



How many emails will I get? 

Short answer: Anywhere from 25-28 emails per month. 

Long answer: 

  • Daily emails are delivered on weekdays (M-F)
  • Weekly emails are delivered on Mondays
  • Monthly emails are delivered on the first of every month (no matter the day of the week)
  • Quarterly emails are combined with the monthly email at the start of every quarter (January, April, July, and October). 


Why should I pay for email? 

You could go out and buy a blogging course, but that takes a LOT of time and most of the time, you're left kinda confused about where to start afterwards. You could hire a 1:1 blogging coach but that takes a LOT of money. Wouldn't you rather just START getting inspired, getting ahead, become more efficient, get prompts to tell you when you should be planning seasonal topics, filling out your editorial calendar, and ALWAYS have an idea for what to blog about for an insanely affordable price? Thought so. 


What if I subscribe and don't like it? 

I want you to be insanely happy with your subscription, so first, I'd love your feedback. And if you try it for two weeks and don't like it, I have a full 15-day money back guarantee. 


What if the ideas you provide in the email are used by every subscriber — isn't that kinda lame? 

Yeah, it would be pretty lame if everyone used the same exact idea as written, but the likelihood of that happening is slim. Here's why: every blogger is different. Your voice and tone and content is different. Your audiences are different. Your style is different. Just as we are all different from each other, who you are will reflect how you interpret the ideas. Plus, the ideas provided in the daily emails are meant to be jumping off points for your own ideation, not direct copying.