I'm Kristy.

A few things to know about me: 

  • I like Ancient Aliens, karaoke, and tacos.

  • I love my husband, my 4-year-old son, and my 10-year-old french bulldog.

  • I also love teaching digital entrepreneurs how to sell their courses with confidence, connect on a deeper level with their customers, and make profits with purpose. 


Let’s talk even more about me for a minute (because this is, after all, the About Me page) …

Despite not going to college, I built a pretty successful career.

I went from a high school graduate to a global VP, working with some of the biggest brands on the planet. In fact, here are a few you may have heard of:




It wasn’t easy getting there. Because I skipped college, I felt like I had to work twice as hard as everyone else.


Once I hit my mid-20s and finally decided on the direction I was heading (marketing and sales), it meant long nights spent reading endless blog posts, listening to podcasts during my commute, downloading free classes, analyzing groundbreaking campaigns, studying the habits of successful marketers, being mentored by leaders in my space, and testing and failing more times than I care to admit.


Marketing taught me a lot about connecting with people. Speaking to your customer’s pain points. Telling stories that others can relate to.


>> I spent years obsessing over storytelling.

>> Finding meaning in every piece of content or proposal I create.

>> Engaging with people and finding the threads that connect us all.

>> Going deeper than the features of a product and really digging into the life-changing benefits it provides.


So when my marketing experience started colliding with sales, I became frustrated. I always thought that selling was a relationship- and service-based profession, but I didn’t see that being reflected in the world around me.


>> It was all about landing the client, not helping the client.

>> Getting the money, not proving the value.

>> Making the sale, not solving a problem.

>> Taking the easy route instead of building something that would deliver the best results.


No wonder "selling" gets a bad rep of being "slimy." I've seen firsthand the struggle online marketers have selling their own products and services despite knowing how valuable and helpful those products can be — fear of being pushy, overly aggressive, and the stigma of asking for money has been hammered into our heads for decades. So money, opportunity, and improvement is left on the table. Businesses fail. Dreams aren't realized. 

Selling is about making money, but there's so much more to it than that. 


>> I believe in value-based selling.

>> Showing how my product or service improves lives.

>> Genuinely caring about my clients.

>> Connecting with them on a deeper level to solve their biggest problems with what I can offer.


I believe you can sell with purpose AND prosperity. Yes, you can have both.


I made it my mission to teach online marketers how to sell confidently by connecting on a deeper level with their customers and clients, while increasing revenue at the same time. I'm excited you're here! 


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