Fempire Academy Membership: VIP SPECIAL

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Fempire Academy Membership: VIP SPECIAL

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Monthly membership to the most kick-ass, business-building, turn-your-blog-into-a-business membership community. Each month, members will receive:

  • In-depth, step-by-step training courses 
  • Mastermind calls 
  • LIVE blog brainstorms 
  • Mini trainings and guest instructors 
  • Exclusive forums to help you build your blog even faster with the help of the community 

And the best part? You're ALL IN at $25 per month! You'll pay one price for all the trainings, calls, and masterminds. And because you took action on the Blog to Business Challenge (and 'cause I got nothing but love for ya, baby), no matter how high the price goes up, you'll only pay $25 for the lifetime of your membership.


Get it!

Fempire Academy Membership price is exclusive to the first 50 Blog to Business Challengers! 

The Fempire Academy includes: 


Monthly Training Courses

Every single month you’ll get IN-DEPTH, step-by-step trainings on everything you need to know about growing your blog and monetizing it into a real business.

Forget paying $100, $200, $300, or — God forbid — $400 or more for single courses from various blogging “experts” who promise you results only to sell you something and leave you hanging without support. 

Because not only will you get access to every training course I create in the Fempire Academy 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the lifetime of your membership, you’ll also get access to the membership forums, where I’ll be hanging out and answering questions. Helping you through any challenges you’re facing. Supporting you as you grow your blog into a killer business. 

What kinds of training courses can you expect to see in the membership? Here's just a sampling of a few I have planned: 

  • Business Basics: The technical side of launching a blogging business, covering business licenses, systems, and much more. 
  • Breakthrough Brand Kits: How to build a professional brand kit, complete with professional templates created by a graphic designer to get you started. 
  • Calendars + Programming: How to create year-long sponsorship and editorial calendars, and how to use them to increase sponsorships and consistency. 
  • Contracts + Cash: Everything you need to know about contracts, commitments, and getting paid by sponsors. 
  • Hot Headlines: The anatomy of a clickable headline, principals to follow, and how to craft killer headlines for social media. 
  • Power Pack(ages): How to build a can’t-miss suite of sponsorship packages that will have advertisers eating out of your hands and leaving more money on the table.  
  • Personal PR: How to pitch and convince big network blogs and websites to write about you. Includes identifying the right websites, who to contact, crafting pitch emails, and how to position yourself as an expert. 
  • Pitch Perfect: The ins, outs, and techniques on pitching brands for partnerships; How to find them, how to get on their radar, and how to send the perfect email to reel ‘em in. Complete with email templates to get you started on the right foot. 
  • SEO Sessions: A recurring series that goes deep into SEO best practices on multiple platforms so you can optimize your blog to be found anywhere online. Includes step-by-step guides, tutorials, and worksheets for Google, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. 
  • Traffic School: A masterclass on how to increase traffic from many different sources. Includes modules on social media, news, partners, and more.   
  • Words + Wisdom: How copywriting principals can elevate your blog, draw in your audience, and have your readers hanging on your every word. 

And so, so, so, much more. Like 12x more and beyond, because every month will include a new, ceiling-shattering, confidence-boosting, business-building training course. We’re talking step-by-step instructional videos, discussions, worksheets, and templates. 


LIVE Hangouts  
The Fempire Academy will also include members-only live hangouts, like: 

  • Blog Brainstorm Power Hour: I know the blog brainstorms were one of your favorite parts about the Challenge, so I wanted a way to make this more personal and focused for a larger group. So every month, four Fempire Academy members will be selected for a LIVE 15-minute brainstorm hot seat. These sessions will be posted in the membership group so everyone can get a chance to see how we attack writers block, generate ideas, and angle stories to fit your ideal reader. 
  • Monthly Mastermind Calls: You said the personalized advice I gave you in the group and via the Blog to Business Challenge hot seats were incredibly helpful. So each month, four members of Fempire Academy will get a 15-minute call to discuss whatever is ailing them in their blogging business. From blog burnout to business bummers, we’ll record this call and post it in the forums so that your fellow members can gain insight from our discussions. 
  • Sunday Soul Sessions: I knew right away that identifying and connecting with your ideal reader would be a hot topic, but I had no idea the kind of impact this would make on many of you. Because I believe the emotional connections we make with our audience is THE single most important aspect of growing a blog into a business, We’ll have weekly discussions and mini trainings around personal connections, relating on a deeper level to your ideal reader, and how to turn your audience into a community. 

Exclusive Bonuses
Plus, there will be some extra special members-only bonuses, like: 

  • Private Facebook Group: Because I'll be putting the finishing touches on the Fempire Academy membership site over the next 30 days, you’ll get access to the super secret Fempire Academy private Facebook group, filled with driven, goal-oriented, passionate bloggers will converge to share knowledge, wins, and information. 
  • Exclusive Membership Site: I’m rolling out the red carpet and velvet ropes for my Fempire Academy members! This members-only site and exclusive forum will house all of the courses, training, calls, and conversations around them. 
  • Live Trainings: You’ll be the first to know when there’s a public hangout happening online, and only Fempire Academy members will get access to the replays! 
  • Weekly Blog Inspiration: The free “What Should I Blog About” weekly email will soon be exclusive to Fempire Academy members! Get your weekly dose of blogging inspiration in this update that provides a list of upcoming events, holidays, and trending news.