Hey. I'm Kristy.

I believe that selling doesn’t have to feel “sleazy” or “spammy.”

That your marketing can cultivate a deeper connection between you and your customers, resulting in a business that lights you up and fills your soul.

I’ve spent years developing emotion-focused marketing strategies, programs, and relationship-driven sales funnels for some of the biggest brands on the planet and now I teach digital entrepreneurs how to forge deep connections with their audience, and sell their products and services in a way that makes them feel confident, fulfilled, and purposeful.



But I didn’t always do things this way.  Queue the deep voiced announcer …

In the beginning, there was fear.

In fact, fear has been present throughout my life and unfortunately it’s dictated a lot of my decisions.

I was relentlessly bullied as a kid (for my appearance, my weight, my socioeconomic class) and I became painfully fearful of expressing emotion and vulnerability. Instead of dealing with those issues (fear of feeling pain), I focused on chasing a career. I wanted to be insanely successful to show all of my childhood bullies that I could come out on top. “Look at me now, suckers!”


I was "mostly" successful.


Rising to the Top at POPSUGAR

Landing a job at POPSUGAR – my favorite website at the time, and still one of my go-to’s today — was a dream come true. I rose through the ranks from editor to become the head of their in-house branded content agency called The Bakery. There, I worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet, like Nike, Hilton, Kraft, Disney, Pepsi, M&M’s, Target, Starbucks, and hundreds more, to create meaningful, helpful, and engaging marketing programs that reached millions of readers every day. POPSUGAR was where I got my first taste of emotion-focused content, as they understood and evangelized how emotion drives clicks and purchases.




Despite my career success, I wasn’t satisfied. Deep down, I always felt like an entrepreneur. My long-term goal was to work for myself, so after studying the luminaries in the online business space — shout out to my homies Jill and Josh Stanton, along with Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, and John Lee Dumas! — I launched a membership group that actually (to my surprise and disbelief) acquired subscribers.

I was chasing the status, the money, and a way to prove the schoolyard bullies wrong – that I was worth something. That I had value. That I was worthy of love and a life of joy. Unfortunately, I was going about it all wrong.


Here’s where the “mostly” comes in ...



Triple Threat (of Exhaustion)

I was obsessively working towards gaining power in my workplace AND pulling triple duty as a solopreneur and new mom, and as a result, I felt empty and exhausted. None of it was as satisfying as I thought it would be. Neither was the social audience I was “collecting.” The disconnection from my family was the worst part, mostly because I was so busy and exhausted from getting up at 4:30 in the morning to blog that I couldn’t even see it was happening beyond my need for “success.”

Deep down I just wanted to provide for my family — my husband, our son, and our original furbaby — but I was going about it all wrong.



Creating a New Way of Thinking at CreativeLive

Enter an insanely intense year and a half at CreativeLive — the premiere live online learning platform on the internet — working with some of the best, brightest, and most creative minds on the planet. People like Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Daymond John, Ramit Sethi, Neil Patel, Lewis Howes, Jasmine Star, Mel Robbins, David Bach, and hundreds more. I was helping to develop, market, and sell these and other workshops to the masses. It was a whirlwind year that propelled me forward professionally, and was the bedrock for me to rebuild my personal life.

But in the back of my mind and heart, there was still fear — of failure, of my childhood bullies being right. I had to find a way around it in order to live a fulfilling life that brought me pure joy and happiness.

I dropped the side hustle. I went to a lot of therapy. I felt a lot of emotions that I hadn’t allowed myself to feel in a long, long time, and I became obsessed with feeling. All. The. Feels. It was only a matter of time before my obsession with marketing and my obsession with emotions and relationships collided into a new way of thinking.



Connecting With Fans at FANDOM

After departing CreativeLive, I went back to the in-house creative agency life at FANDOM, working closely with the content and sales teams to create marketing and sales packages for brands like Netflix, Amazon, Duracell, NFL, Pepsi, and others. I loved the work, but was disenchanted with the state of media sales. This wasn't my "forever job" and all the while I was building my knowledge, studying up, and (unbeknownst to me) preparing for my jump into entrepreneurship.



The Climb to Overcome Fear

As I became more attuned to the effects of fear, I started observing how fear impacted my colleagues and the world around me.

It became apparent that the “confident” sales teams weren’t actually confident at all — fear of rejection led to a mindset of scarcity and desperation; I saw that fear can grab onto anyone and prevent even the smartest, most creative people on the planet from selling their own training courses out of fear of seeming “pushy.” Even Fortune 500 brands can take serious missteps with their marketing programs out of fear of losing a sale.




The Here and Now

Now, I work with digital entrepreneurs to share this knowledge I’ve acquired to help them get over the fear of selling, connect deeply with their audience and promote themselves — and their products — with confidence and purpose through small, live, online workshops.

Workshops that I’ve developed after years of working with course creators, membership groups, and masterminds to achieve higher levels of success and understanding for my students.

These workshops are done live and in small groups, I have the opportunity to give more focused, one-on-one attention, and help you learn via engagement, Q&A, and working through problems in real-time.

This is what I'm most passionate about and I'm excited to be sharing it with you.


Want to learn more about my workshops and how they can help you create more profits with purpose?