Kristy Ellington

Hi. I’m Kristy.  

After 12 years in sales and marketing, I’ve been instrumental in generating millions in sales and closing six- and seven-figure deals by harnessing the power of emotion.  

I’ve worked with corporate giants in every vertical.

(just to name a few)


As well as some of the most influential minds of our time.

(among many others)


What do me, you, the leaders of Fortune 500 companies, top entrepreneurs, and influencers have in common?

we’ve all experienced fear.

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But successful people are supposed to be confident, unflappable, able to handle any objection, challenge, or obstacle in their way.

Unfazed by stress. In control. Cool. Fearless. They don’t let their emotions get the best of them.

At least that’s what we’ve been taught to believe.

That’s what I believed and that’s how I lived — letting fear dictate my life and decisions, bottling up emotions, never letting ‘em see me “sweat,” routinely avoiding conversations about fear because those feelings weren’t going to get me anywhere.

Business isn’t about emotion, business is about results.

those beliefs and routines are what led to my ultimate breakdown.


Routinely letting fear drive my decisions and avoiding emotion was the catalyst for a breakdown. Ultimately, understanding those emotions became the foundation for what I believe and teach today.



The reason I’m so passionate about helping sales professionals?

because I believe salespeople are the agents of change.

If nothing is sold, no one buys and nothing changes.

Whether it’s a product, service, or belief, a good salesperson can change the world.

But the thing holding most sellers back from connecting and making a massive impact and cultivating fulfillment in their own lives?


Fear affects us all and it will always be present, but it’s how we handle that fear that matters.

I don’t believe in “battling,” “beating,” “crushing,” or “moving past” fear. I believe in understanding the source, identifying it when it pops up, and reframing it in order to turn fear into authentic confidence.

That’s why in my Connect to Close System ™, I teach sellers how to identify and manage their biggest fears and build powerful confidence that helps them close more deals more often, and more importantly, inspire positive change in people’s lives and businesses.

You can’t outperform your thinking.



i spent too long living in fear.

Fear of rejection, fear of not being accepted, desperate to be “cool.”

Pretending to be confident. Telling myself I wasn’t smart enough on the inside while being an aggressive know-it-all on the outside. Painfully afraid of being discovered as an imposter.

Fear of being judged while judging others to make myself feel better.

Letting clients walk all over me, desperate for an approving “yes” because I was afraid of failing, afraid of not paying my bills or taking care of my family.

Fear of losing my job. Insecurity and challenging situations led me to cutting and running to new jobs that I thought would offer relief, but really, my fears just followed me everywhere I went.

Afraid to ask questions, afraid to pick up the phone, afraid to make connections or take the job too seriously.

Afraid to be me. Afraid to be vulnerable. Afraid to care because I didn’t want to feel disappointment.

i know you feel these things, too.

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turning fear into authentic confidence

It took a massive breakdown for me to come to terms with my emotions and my fears, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Once I learned how to harness the power of emotion and understood how to manage my fears, my life changed for the better — personally and professionally.

In fact, the same mindset shifts around fear and emotional foundations I teach to sales teams helped me to close multimillion dollar deals with brands like Target, Hilton, and Amazon, while generating over $25 million dollars a year in revenue.

And the best part? I’m happier, more fulfilled, and live a purposeful life, too.

i can show you how

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