Buying Motivation Starts With You: How to Sell Yourself First


Today, I’m talking about something that everybody has done at least once in their lives, they just may not realize it and it's a major factor in becoming a better salesperson.

And it's the concept of Selling Yourself First.

What does selling yourself first mean? Let me give you an example: Soulcycle

A lot of people don't know this because we were pretty quiet about it but my husband and I separated for about a year. And when a massive shift like that happens in your life people tend to turn to booze, drugs, food, therapy, God or fitness. I'll let you figure out which three I turned to (actually two cause I'm about to tell you one of them in a second).

One of my vices that year became SoulCycle. In case you've never heard of it, sC is a cycling class done in a hot dark room with loud music with highly trained instructors that are basically life coaches on a bike telling you how awesome you are. Some people think SoulCycle is a cult and I happily indoctrinated myself into it because I was struggling with my self worth and trying to figure out who I was without this other person who had been with me for over 12 years.

And it's expensive. For a while I was happily spending $500 a month or more on these classes. My butt was in the best shape of it's life.

And people would come up to me and say, “Kristy, you look great, what are you doing differently?” And I would go on and on and on about SoulCycle, how it's not just a workout it's like therapy on wheels, how I feel so much healthier and fit and see life differently, and on and on and on and on.

I'd bring friends. I'd drag some of them to these classes because I just loved it so much. I was SO EXCITED to help others feel the way I felt. To get them to a breakthrough, to help them get motivated, to look at life differently. I wanted to share that excitement and that feeling with others.

And that right there, is the key to selling yourself first.

Selling Yourself First

Selling yourself first is all about getting excited about your product. Really believing in the power that it has to impact your prospects' — not just on a business level, but a personal level.

It's about not just KNOWING what the features and benefits are, but understanding how those IMPACT THE OUTCOMES.

I didn't just describe SoulCycle as a cycling class, I called it therapy on wheels. The instructors aren't just instructors, they're life coaches or motivational speakers.

You aren't just a salesperson, you are a detective, looking to solve a case — the case of how does my product or service solve the problem my client is having in their life right now.

The outcomes are the REAL reasons why your clients will buy. Who will your client be — the business AND each individual stakeholder or decision maker — after they've used your product or service? That's the question.

SoulCycle sold me on being fit — inside and out. I would be mentally stronger, be more aware of how I felt, gave me permission to take time out for myself.

What is your product doing for your clients? Who are they going to be AFTER?

My friend and former colleague, Michael Karsh, who now runs his own company called Edios Media, once told me that your product is the mushroom that Mario uses to become SuperMario. What does Super Mario look like for your client?

That's the question of the day — what’s your mushroom and what does Super Mario look like to your clients?

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