Differentiation in Business: 2 Insanely Easy Ways to Stand Out (and Make You Money)


Whatever market you’re in, it’s likely that you’ve come across feelings of scarcity — that your market is too oversaturated and you’ve got so much competition that you’ll never stand out and grow your business to the level that you desire.

This is also true for sellers that are trying to create their personal brand in a sea of corporate competition.

Differentiating yourself can be insanely easy, and the two ways I talk about today can be incorporated into your sales process to do the selling for you — no sales tactics needed.

Your Experience

If your brand is your flavor, your experience is your texture — it’s the thing your customers and clients can FEEL. To determine your experience, I start with the four or five emotions I want all of my clients and prospects to feel when they work with me. Mine are Powerful, Confident, Valued, and Energized. With these in mind, I can reverse-engineer my funnels, content, consultations, scripts, process flows, literally everything, in order to make my customers feel this way.

Do this, and your customers will be writing amazing testimonials that convert for your business.

Your Results

There could be a million other people doing the same thing you’re doing (hello, coaches!) but if you’ve got RESULTS for your clients, you’re already 10 steps ahead of your competition. The trick is to consistently ask for referrals and testimonials. Do this on a regular basis. And don’t just ask for the details about the results — ask how you made them feel throughout the process.

Feelings and emotions sell, and if you get someone results (quickly!) and make the process super easy and painless, too? Take my money, honey.