LIVESTREAM: 3 Mindset Keys to Raising Your Rates by $500-$5,000 and Selling With Confidence


In this livestream, you’ll learn the three mindset shifts that helped:

  • A first-time course creator selling $30,000 in 60 days

  • A business coach going from $100/hr to selling $6,000 packages

  • A sales team at a major publisher securing multi-million dollar deals with global brands

  • A 35% increase in salary at a 9-5 in one year

Key #1: Know What You’re Actually Selling

You aren’t selling time, step-by-steps, frameworks, technical skills, guidance or advice. What you’re actually selling is a transformation. Everything else is just detail.

Three questions for your transformational value:

  1. What is the transformation you provide?

  2. How do you want your customers and clients to feel when they work with you?

  3. What are your core values?

Key #2: Understand What’s Holding You Back

Fear is your biggest roadblock. It comes from past experiences (that have already happened) that you’re projecting onto yourself now and in the future (which hasn’t happened yet).

But fear isn’t the enemy. Fear is our brain’s way of protecting us from pain. We are hardwired for survival and we avoid pain and danger at all costs. This is why we avoid doing the scary things we know we need to do — because it’s our nature. Acceptance is the way out. You’ll always come up against fear, but how you manage it matters.

Managing fear in three steps:

  1. Accept and acknowledge your fear.

  2. Look for the lesson.

  3. Let it go.

Key # 3: Knowing That Confidence is Available To You Now

External sources won’t give you confidence. You won’t find it in your Instagram followers, email subscribers, website traffic, who you know, or engagement rate. Confidence comes from you and the transformation you provide — The Real Why.

There are features of what you’re selling, there are benefits, and then there is The Real Why: the transformation. When you begin to consider The Real Why, you stop thinking about time. I see so many c-preneurs dealing in time. “How much time do I need to spend with this person in order to make my price worthwhile?” This is the wrong question

“How effectively can I change a life?” is the right one. Effective is always better, and higher value because I’d pay more for you to fix my life in a day than spend 10 weeks or 100 hours getting the same result.

Sales is not a dirty word. You can feel good about sales and selling if you:

  • Know The Real Why: your product is legit, makes someone’s life easier, transformative, helps them get from A to B efficiently, and makes them feel good about themselves in the process.

  • Know your value: you are bringing these legit, life-changing, transformative, effective products and services to your audience and making them an offer to buy. You’re not fooling them. You’re not scamming them. You’re simply helping them improve their lives.