Free Resources For More Insights and Information on Fear and Mental Health in Sales


I’ve been busy lately. Busy spreading the message about fear management for higher performance, and mental health in sales all around the podcasting scene and internet at large, which coincidentally, is the goal.

I started this year with the intention of spreading my message as far and wide as possible. The message that you aren’t alone, that fear affects us all, and that fear does not mean failure. So far, it’s been a great few months. Please do me (and yourself) a favor and like, subscribe, and follow these fine folks who have graciously invited me on their shows and invited me to speak to their audiences; They’re doing amazing work to help raise the visibility of mental health in sales.

The Sales Evangelist Episode 1020 — Understanding and managing fear

IAMCEO Episode 182 — Teaching sales teams how to understand and manage fear

AA-ISP Training Tuesday With Richard Harris — Fear roadblocks: how fear impacts you, your clients, and how to clear the lanes for success.