Sales For Introverts: The 3 Qualities That Really Count For Sales


I hear from a lot of coaches, consultants, course creators, and creative business owners that they can’t sell because they’re not extroverted. Let me tell you something that will help: you don’t need to be an extrovert to sell. Being a social butterfly does not automatically equal sales success. But in this live video, I talk about the qualities that do matter when selling yourself, your products and services, and even in a sales team environment.

Quality 1: Upbeat

Being upbeat is a person that exudes confidence and success and makes others feel the same way. This doesn’t mean faking it till you make it — this is a genuine understanding of your value and the value of your product or service and the knowing that it can improve someone’s life one way or another.

This is why the work we do in my programs around fear — identifying and managing your fears around rejection, success, confidence, and self-promotion — are so important. When you feel genuinely confident, it shows, and other people start feeling that way, too.

Quality 2: Resilient

Sales and rejection go hand-in-hand. You’re going to get lots of “no’s” and a lot of people that won’t buy. If you have fear of rejection (which I totally understand — I’ve been there, too!) this is going to be a big hurdle to climb, but it’s not impossible.

I personally love a “no” because it means that person wasn’t right for me and I’m one step closer to a “hell yes.”

Quality 3: Caring

Having empathy for your clients and customers may be the single most important element of sales, and business in general. We hear a lot these days that people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

If you can’t connect with where your customers are emotionally, discover their biggest challenges and roadblocks, relate to their experience and their needs, or understand the outcomes they need (outside of the skills or features of what you’re providing) then you’ll have a hard time selling.

For me personally, I spent most of my life closed off to emotion so couldn’t connect with my prospects or clients in a meaningful way so building businesses was a struggle. I see this a lot of times in larger sales teams as well — they are afraid to dig deeper into their customer needs and emotions (out of fear of being judged or being mocked for taking the job too seriously) so they talk to their prospects about the weather instead of what their biggest challenges are as a person. A human.

Sales is all about relationships — creating a connection and knowing exactly how you can serve your prospects and make them feel safe. If you can’t connect or can’t access your own emotions, you’ll have a harder time having empathy and understanding where your clients are at and what they need to buy with you.

Image: Alexis Brown via Unsplash