The BIG Problem With Empathy in Sales


I bet you didn’t even realize there was a problem with empathy in sales but whoooooo boy, there is indeed a problem. And the problem is you, my friend.

Your inability to truly connect with what your prospect is going through.

Your inability to relate to their pain points and their fears.

Your inability to see the world through their eyes.

And why are you unable to do any of these things?

Because you are running away from your own emotions, your own fears, and assuming that we all see the world through the same lens when in fact, reality is different for all of us.

Can you really empathize with someone else’s fears when you are ignoring your own?

Can you really feel someone else’s emotional state when you avoid feeling your own emotions?

Can you really see the world through someone else’s eyes when you don’t understand what led them here?

Without getting comfortable and recognizing your own fears, emotions, and coming to terms with the fact that everyone sees the world differently, you can’t truly empathize. Not really, anyway.

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Don’t let fear keep you from reaching your goals.