Kristy Ellington

The “secret weapon” to achieving incredible growth, performance, and quantifiable business results? A coach that helps you get there.

Private Executive Coaching


Think about the top sports teams — what do they all have in common?

Amazing coaches. Coaches that lead. Coaches that inspire.

Coaches that push beyond what others think is possible for human performance and draw out the best in their players.

Coaches that know it’s the internal world — mindset, beliefs, fears, and habits — that create our external world, and help their teams shift thinking to create the highest performing and best versions of themselves.

Executive coaching is no different, except your playing field is life inside and outside the board room.  


Excellence is what I do. It’s what we’ll aim for. My focus in a coaching relationship is to help you:

  • Identify and manage the fears that are holding you back from success.

  • Organize your mind, your thinking, and your relationship with your emotions.

  • Get clarity on issues that feel insurmountable … and the ones you simply avoid (but know you shouldn’t).

  • Draw out your natural creative abilities, including creative problem solving.

  • Shift your mindset from what “is” to “what’s possible.”

  • Get a fresh perspective on roadblocks and challenges.

  • Stop thinking small and start showing up in your true power.

  • Stay focused on what’s important and learn to let go of what’s not.

  • Achieve meaningful fulfillment and impactful results.

  • Visualize a 100% better life, a 100% better self, a 100% better reality, then build the plans to get there.


 key benefits of coaching



Get incredibly clear on the goals and objectives that will transform your business (and life) and stay focused and committed to achieving them.


The tools and knowledge you need to build and cultivate a fearless team, while managing fear and building powerful confidence in your daily life.


Approach challenges and roadblocks with renewed creativity, while busting through limiting beliefs to create a powerfully effective outlook.


Renew your energy, improve your mindset around stress and anxiety to unlock peak health performance with a coach that pushes you forward.


Bottom line: my goal is to help you 10x performance in every area of your life

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my coaching philosophy

Fear and fear of emotions — or “feeling” — has been a running theme in my life, stemming from childhood bullying. For decades, I lived in fear of rejection, judgement, failure, embarrassment, and a deep desire to be seen and known for who I truly was, but was unable to show that person to the world because I felt there was something “wrong” with being me.

My journey to becoming a coach wasn’t easy (because I had to live it first), but I’ve dedicated 6 years to studying fear, emotions, neuroscience, various coaching practices (NLP, CBT, REBT, and others), and working with some of the highest performing CEOs, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers of our time.

The one thing we all had in common was the presence of fear and 100% of the time, without fail, they admitted that fear held them back at one point in their lives.

And in a lot of these cases? It still does.

Fear that’s causing them to play small. Safe. Reliable. Risk-averse. Keeping with the status quo even though there is something else inside of them — something they can’t quite put their finger on — itching to be discovered. Unearthed. Unleashed.

What if you could circumvent that long, arduous, sometimes painful process of “getting over” your fears and instead, take the knowledge of hundreds of successful leaders and one “emotionologist” (self-proclaimed, yes — that’s me!) to understand your fear, gain a new perspective, and become a higher performer in a fraction of the time?

What if you could step into the power of being your authentic self that provides you business success, higher performance, and more fulfilling relationships?

I base my work on the principles of fear management for higher performance and helping you uncover and elevate the most powerful, creative, and fulfilling version of yourself.


let’s work together 


I’m stoked to work with you! If you’re ready to invest in yourself in order to supercharge your performance, your mindset, and your life, then here are a few things to note:

  • I only work with a small amount of one on one clients each year. These people are truly committed to their growth.

  • I am 100% committed to our time together and will show up at each session completely present to celebrate your wins and help you gain clarity on your challenges, vision, and goals. I’m ready to transform your life if you are.

  • Commitments range from 6-12 months. Anything less won’t provide lasting results and therefore won’t be worth your time or mine.

  • Executive clients usually invest between $15,000 - $75,000 in themselves to work with me.

  • My coaching isn’t for everyone, but if we both agree to work together, you absolutely will see massive, positive change in your life.

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