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How You Feel About Selling

Get the secrets to boosting your confidence, learn to love sales, and better serve your customers in the Selling Fearlessly Workshop


Selling Fearlessly


Sales has a bit of a bad reputation.

“Snake oil,” “spammy,” “pushy,” “slimy” are all words I hear associated with sales from digital entrepreneurs like you. And you’re not alone in this feeling — I’ve worked with some of the brightest, most creative and (seemingly) confident people on the planet and even thought leaders at the top of their game have a problem with selling their own courses and programs.

And it was all due to fear.

  • Fear of coming off as pushy or salesy.
  • Fear of upsetting their followers.
  • Fear of rejection or failure to sell.
  • Fear of embarrassment that they won’t sell anything.
  • Fear of shame for “asking for a handout.”
  • Fear of putting themselves “out there” and being vulnerable.
  • Fear that they don’t really know what they’re talking about and will be found as a fraud.
  • Fear that they’ll let their families down and failing to provide for them.

Does any of this sound familiar? I’m betting it does.


I created this workshop specifically for digital entrepreneurs selling online courses, coaching programs, membership sites, consultation services, ebooks, and other digital products because I’ve seen how misunderstanding the sales process can limit your growth — growth in your bank account and growth of your spirit.

Yes, sales can be spiritual.


About The Workshop

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How fear manifests itself within us and prevents us from achieving what we desire.

  • Your current mindset around sales and how to shift from fear and scarcity to one of abundance and confidence.

  • How sales can actually help us achieve a more fulfilling business (and life).

  • The keys to selling confidently

  • How confident selling can 10x your revenue

  • How to position your sales pitch to achieve revenue and confidence

  • Live Q&A, hot seats, and interaction throughout the entire workshop.

As your confidence increases and your mindset shifts around selling, you’ll start to achieve a fulfilling business that not only brings in more revenue, but more customers, more satisfaction, but more opportunity as well.

A Mastermind Mentality 

I am a huge fan of masterminds and believe they are the key to business and spiritual growth, so my workshops are built to resemble the structure and effects of one. My workshops are all done LIVE, in small groups, and with a TON of interactivity on a weekly basis.

Selling Fearlessly is a live, three-hour soul session to get you comfortable and confident with selling so you can overcome fear, sell more, and connect on a deeper level with your customers.

Why live? Because I want to engage with you directly. I want to provide immediate feedback and two-way communication. I want to share ideas and adjust the message instead of teaching a static syllabus that may not resonate with you.

Why 20 people? Because smaller groups allow for more interactivity and one-to-one engagement. Everyone will get individualized attention and you’ll learn 20x more than you would going through an online course by yourself. This is one of the key benefits of a mastermind — you learn through osmosis. You find a piece of yourself in everyone else’s struggles and setbacks; It’s something you can’t get in a pre-recorded online course.

I’m not saying it’s magic, but it’s pretty close.

For more details on my workshop structure, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.


This Workshop is For You If ...

  • If you are a digital entrepreneur that mentally struggles with selling or aren’t making as many sales as you had hoped, this workshop is for you.
  • You have a poor opinion of selling but know that it’s an important part of business.
  • You get weird and awkward when it comes to self promotion but understand getting your message out there is the only way to be seen or heard.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the competition and want to find a way to stand out that doesn’t feel forced or inauthentic.

  • You’re nailing all the marketing tactics — email funnels, social content, landing pages, etc — but you aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for.

  • You get super awkward when transitioning from the teaching part of your webinars to the sales pitch and it trips you up.

  • You hesitate asking for the sale at the end of your discovery calls because you don’t want to feel pushy, and you end up leaving lots of money on the table.

  • Your email sequences aren’t converting and you can’t figure out why.


Selling Fearlessly will cover ALL of these issues because here’s the thing: they all stem from fear or lack of understanding of how to sell in a way that makes a meaningful impact for your customers and increases your sales at the same time.


You’re a digital entrepreneur that believes hard work is the key to making more money, but for some reason all this work is leaving you unfulfilled and making less than you thought you would. The hustle doesn’t seem to be working all that well.

Guess what — you’re not alone.


Most of us set out to become full-time digital entrepreneurs for the freedom to make our own schedules. The security of making our own money. For the opportunity to spend more time with our friends and family. To work from anywhere in the world.

So many of us have high aspirations and are taught to believe that the hustle and grind is where success lives.

I have a different opinion(s).

  • I believe you can work less and earn more.
  • That the fear of falling behind the competition doesn’t have to be the driving factor in your business.
  • That manipulation and Jedi mind tricks don’t have to be a part of sales.
  • That you can work your sales process so that it feels GOOD to you and your customers.
  • That selling can mean deeply connecting with your audience to make them customers for life.

Confident selling is pure service, and this is what the Selling Fearlessly Workshop will teach you.


Meet Your Coach

Hi. I’m Kristy Ellington. Emotional marketing and relationship selling expert. I went through the same struggles you’re going through right now.

I’ve been working in marketing, sales, and content for the last 10 years, and while I rose through the ranks of corporate America, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I launched many side hustles — including blogs, online courses, ebooks, and membership groups — but it wasn’t just a struggle to juggle working a full-time job, motherhood, and a side hustle, it was also a struggle to get past the fear of failure.

The reality is, I failed at my own business because I was afraid to promote myself. I was afraid that I would fail and be an embarrassment to my family. I was afraid of throwing 100% of myself into it on the off-chance it wouldn’t work.

Over time, I started recognizing fear in the world around me — not only in myself, but in my colleagues and the world at large. Selling became something to be ashamed of. Selling out of desperation was a fact of life. Service wasn’t a part of any of it. There was no heart.

I was at a point in my life where I was ready to tackle the fear and become the person I always knew I was meant to be — an entrepreneur here to serve. So I went to a lot of therapy, read a ton of self-help books, attended support groups and growth-focused masterminds, followed the most prolific thought leaders in the mindful business space, sought out mentors, and otherwise absorbed all the information I could until the time was right to fully show up and serve … well — you.

I lost my six figure job in sales and marketing. It was the universe's way of telling me it was time.

And so Selling Fearlessly (and other emotional marketing workshops to come!) was born.


Ready to Make The Move to Selling Fearlessly and Creating a Fulfilling Business?

Here's what you'll get in this workshop: 

>> Five modules of enlightened and interactive instruction


Module One: Mindset Matters

  • This is where our deep work happens as we explore the source of fear and the shape it takes in our lives 
  • We'll start to understand true confidence, where it comes from, and the mindset it requires to harness it. 

Module Three: Your Customer

  • We explore and understand your customers' "Real Why's," emotional hurdles and setbacks. 
  • We look at your customers' "100 Percent Better Life" and what this means for you. 

Module Five: You

  • We learn how to assign the right kind of value to your product and service.
  • We crack open your heart and mind and identify YOUR value in the selling process

Module Two: Science of Selling

  • We discuss the basics of relationship selling and how it can change your business and YOUR LIFE.
  • We learn the emotional triggers of sales and how you can leverage them to understand your customers' needs on a deeper level.

Module Four: Your Product

  • Deep dive into how your product solves your customers' biggest problems. 
  • Work through the emotional positioning of your product and how it helps achieve "100 Percent Better Life."

>> Q&A and hot seats during and after every module for immersive learning. 

>> The Selling Fearlessly Workbook. 

>> A recording of your session for download. 

>> Access to the Selling Fearlessly private Facebook group for continued growth.


Here's your chance to see (and feel) the difference fearless selling can make on you and your business.


Find a session that works for you and hit the "Add to Cart" button (before seats fill up!)


Frequently Asked Questions 

How long is this workshop? 

The Selling Fearlessly workshop is typically about three hours long, but can run over depending on how many questions students have. I like to take as much time as I possibly can to answer everything, but if we run out of time the Selling Fearlessly Private Facebook Group is a great place to get your questions answered and more one-on-one time from me. 

Why is it live? 

I want to have every opportunity to engage with you directly in order for you to fully grasp, master, and own the material. Making all my workshops lives allows me to provide immediate feedback and two-way communication with you, share ideas amongst the group, and adjust the message if needed. I find that when you're dealing in fear, emotions, mindsets, and the softer skills that comes with selling, a safe, interactive space is required to get the most out of your time and investment. 

Why is the workshop limited to 20 people?

Smaller groups allow for more interactivity and one-to-one engagement. Everyone in the workshop will get individualized attention and you’ll learn 20x more than you would going through an online course by yourself. I'm a big believer in masterminds (a group designed to help you grow and learn through the collective intelligence of others) and this is one of the key benefits — you learn through osmosis. You find a piece of yourself in everyone else’s struggles and setbacks; It’s something you can’t get in a pre-recorded online course. For this reason, I want to allow as much individual time as possible to surface as many questions, scenarios, and struggles as possible. 

What kinds of results can I expect? 

While nothing is guaranteed (see my disclaimer page), I created this workshop with the goal of 10x-ing your sales and/or at the very least, get you 10 times in sales what you invested in this workshop. That's nothing to scoff at. 

What if I can't make it to the live workshop? 

I want you to get the most out of this workshop, and that means showing up 100 percent for yourself and your fellow students. You see, I am a huge fan of masterminds and believe they are the key to business and spiritual growth, so my workshops are built to resemble the structure and effects of one. This means, if we have 10 people in the workshop, you'll learn 10x more. If we have 20 people in a workshop, you'll learn 20x more. I do send out a recording after the workshop, so I guess you could skip it and watch it later (not recommended), but I'm always happy to set you up with a credit for a future workshop or in extreme cases, a full refund. 

What's your workshop refund policy? 

Due to the electronic nature of the content and it can't technically be "returned," I have a strict no refunds policy on my workshops if you attend. If you must, for whatever reason, cancel or postpone before the workshop takes place, I'm happy to reschedule you for a future workshop at a date that better works for your schedule. In cases where you've changed your mind and simply no longer think the workshop is right for you, shoot me an email and we can discuss a full refund.