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you can’t outperform your thinking.

Fear is standing between you and sales — fear of rejection, of judgement, and of failure. This fear leads to ineffective selling which leads to missed revenue targets and a weak bottom line.

Kristy works with sales teams to beat that fear. She shows them how to harness the power of emotion, creating a positive, informed, and confident mindset — one that leads to more and bigger sales.

As a speaker, Kristy teaches audiences to connect, consult, and close with confidence. In other words, she shows them how to adjust their mindset, sell in a more informed and customer-centric manner, in order to make the sale effortless.

Audience members leave with a better understanding of fear, their value as salespeople, and how to build authentic confidence.


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Understand Fear

Before you can overcome the hurdles holding you back, you need to understand what they are and how they affect you. Fear in sales often comes down to a fear of rejection, judgement, or failure. This fear undermines any attempt to make a quality sale. Kristy works with audiences to help them better understand and gives a step-by-step process to manage their fears so they can see the path forward.


Understand Your Product

Confidence starts with knowledge. Kristy emphasizes the importance of having a deep understanding of the product or service that you’re selling and how it impacts your clients on an emotional level. She shows audiences how to dig deeper to discover the real reasons clients buy and how your product or service aligns with their wants and needs.


Understand Your Impact

Customers are not only impacted by your product. They are also impacted by you, the salesperson. Kristy guides audiences in understanding their role in the larger picture, their impact on their sales team and customers, and how to build solid connections with clients in order to sell without selling.

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I found myself tearing up during your talk — I have never heard anyone be so open about their personal experiences at a marketing conference!
— Jalahn A.
I felt empowered to take initiative and look at every obstacle through a new lens. I frequently quote Kristy and employ tactics I learned from her.
— Corey D.

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