This is how I get business DONE.



I am ALL about Squarespace as my website host of choice. Why? Because I'm still kind a DIY-er and designed my entire website myself using their drag and drop tools. Squarespace is awesome if you can't afford your own designer, obsessive about wanting your site to look clean and polished without a ton of plug ins or bugs, or just need something you can start with right away to get your business running. 

I especially love their ecommerce-forward platform — I can set up my workshops on an events page and take payment all right in Squarespace. 


I just converted over to ConvertKit for my email service provider and so far, I couldn't be happier. The visual automation and sequence tools are a total life-saver (I'm a visual learner myself) and being able to send broadcasts to segments, tagged subscribers, or your entire list saves so much headache compared to how the setup goes in MailChimp (where I converted over from). 

I've heard that Drip is also a great email provider (my second choice) but for now the simplicity of ConvertKit is what I need.


I've decided to go with Zoom for my live workshops because of the ability to have interactive webinars for up to 100 people at a great rate.

My students can chime in via text, or I can unmute them to engage in real time conversations (both of which I love doing on my live workshops). 

File Hosting

I'm using Google Drive for all my file storage needs. Some folks love to use DropBox (I've used that before in the past and it's great) but GD is free and I use Google Slides as my templates for my workshop presentations, so this is the all-in-one solution I need right now. 


For all of my photography needs, I turn to Nino Ellington. Yes, he's my husband but objectively the man is talented.

Nino has been a photographer and videographer for over 10 years and takes amazing portraits, documentary photos, live music shots, behind the scenes shoots, and more. Just check out his Instagram and website for his portfolio of work and contact information to schedule an appointment to chat about your photography needs. 

For other lifestyle images, I use Unsplash.