Kristy Ellington

don’t train, transform.

In an crowded space of experts, consultants, and sales trainings of all kinds, the Connect to Close System™ stands out — it goes beyond recycling the standard curriculum of overcoming objections and negotiation, and digs into the real thing that’s standing between you and the sale: fear. 


 Your mindset is your most valuable sales tool. 

Fear can derail success and decrease performance by clouding thinking, judgement, and procrastinating on the most basic of sales tasks — like cold calling, asking for the sale, negotiating, presenting, saying “no” — and selling from a place of desperation which, let’s face it, any customer can smell from a mile away.

No amount of training on methodologies, processes, or motivational speeches will change this fact. It’s science. The only way to manage fear is to identify it, change the relationship to it, and create new habits around it.


This isn’t a methodology. This is a total shift in thinking to improve performance, making you 10x more effective, successful, and — dare I say it, fulfilled.

In fact, here are a few things you should know about the Connect to Close System™

  1. This isn’t a new methodology or process. The Connect to Close System™ is meant to be layered in to the process or methods you’re already using. It’s a shift in thinking, not a new method to adopt.

  2. There is no learning curve. The practices taught in the Connect to Close System™ are simple to execute and take minutes a day to complete. You can start using what you learn right away.

  3. You will see change immediately. Your mindset is your most valuable sales tool and this program is focused on helping you see fear and emotions as an ally instead of an adversary in order to take control of your mind, your thoughts, and your life.

  4. It’s the first of its kind. This is the only program that teaches you how to manage fear, build authentic, habitual confidence, and harness the power of emotion to close more deals more often. It’s a potent mixture of mindset coaching, science, mindfulness, and coaching to bring out the most confident versions of your team. It’s the soft stuff backed up by hard science.

  5. Not everyone is ready for it. This is fitness for your mind — decoding the fears, beliefs, and emotions that hold you back from success, as well as those of your clients. It turns fears into powerful confidence that impacts life far beyond the sales floor. It requires a commitment to an open mind and honesty in order to bust through barriers. Are you ready? Is your team?


Here’s the honest truth:  

fear can’t be ignored.

Along with sales teams large and small, I’ve worked with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, prolific entrepreneurs, and globally-recognized influencers. The one thing they all have in common is fear.

Fear affects us all, and it holds us back from our full potential, success, fulfillment, and opportunity.


What’s more: fear, and other limiting emotions you experience in sales, and your inclination to ignore it, actually hinders your ability to empathize with prospects. Meaning, your job only gets harder.

How can you possibly understand the fears and emotions of your prospects and clients (ahem — empathize) if you don’t understand your own?

 If you’ve ever heard experienced nerves, anxiety, stress, panicked about picking up the phone, meeting with a client, a presentation, negotiation, or a sales conversation, then you’ve experienced what fear does to you:

  • Brain fog

  • Procrastination

  • Avoidance of important tasks

  • Blanking on details or major talking points

  • Assuming you’ll fail even before you pick up the phone

  • Preoccupied with how you’re being perceived

  • Anger, frustration, and cynicism

  • Inability to focus

  • Inability to listen or empathize

  • Hesitation to ask important questions out of fear of looking “dumb"

  • Frequently losing your train of thought

  • Resistance to performing business-generating tasks

  • Jumping to discounts instead of asking more questions


As hard as you try to ignore it, as much action as you take, these fears have a tendency to show up, interrupt our flow, lead to procrastination and make you feel clunky, ineffective, inexperienced, and have you questioning whether or not you’re cut out for sales.

fear is costing you more than you think.

Flatlined deals. MIA prospects. Missed forecasts. Tension. Cynicism. Blaming. Loss in productivity. Procrastination. Creativity. Panic. Motivation. Profit loss. Discounts. Morale. Top-down pressure. Employee retention. Employee engagement. Your sanity.

but who you could be on the other side of fear is the real missed opportunity.

Efficient. Clear-headed. Creative. Communicative. Effective. Collaborative. Relaxed. In control. In touch. Strategic. Successful. Authentic. Confident. Positive. Committed. Honest. Prepared. Curious. Energized. Enthusiastic. Prosperous. Valued. Powerful.


yes, this training will work for your team.


Front line, support staff, and junior-level employees who may be afraid to ask for help.

Account managers who want to avoid the grind and struggle they see colleagues experiencing.

Seasoned pros frustrated because their routines and methods just aren’t working anymore.

Experienced leaders wanting to significantly improve relationships impact deal sizes.

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more than a training session, it’s an entire support system.

I don’t drop your team like a hot potato once the day is done. I provide ongoing support, training, and coaching for teams in various ways. Trainings include:

  • Custom workshop segments that align with your biggest challenges in order to immediately see improvements and incremental sales.

  • Three 1-hour refresh sessions that can be used for follow ups, check ins, leadership coaching, or additional workshopping.

  • Ongoing virtual coaching and training including live Q&A sessions, workshops, video sessions, lesson guides, guidebooks, workbooks, guest speakers, and more in a private virtual student platform to continually improve your team’s performance.

  • Optional motivational assessments and sales enablement consultations.



it’s time to raise the standard for performance.


Want to talk further about how I can help 10x your team’s performance, confidence, and effectiveness?


you can ignore fear or you can learn how to work with it to enhance your performance and reach your goals faster.

which do you choose?


Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s the time commitment for the Connect to Close System™️?

This format is great for teams that are ready to move into a new phase of growth and performance. Sessions typically run a full day of 6-8 hours mixing lecture and workshop time for the entire duration, but the content can be customized to fit half-day and 60-90 minute summit presentations as well. Please see the In-Person Team Training page for more information about how the content is distributed over each format.

What kinds of results can I expect? 

Your success depends on your involvement, engagement, and dedication to showing up. I ask all of my students to help me in creating a safe and supportive space to share stories and help each other learn. You will complete the sessions with new knowledge of what you’re capable of. You will understand how to manage your fear in a healthy way, how to connect on a deeper level with your clients, and how to create repeatable wins for success.

Since your mindset is your most valuable sales tool, your success is only limited by your own adoption of the material, practice of the curriculum, and belief that it works.

I know it works because I lived it.

Are you a therapist?

I’m not a therapist, but I am a trained and certified life coach, practicing REBT and CBT methods. I’ll also be completing NLP training in Q1 2019. This is an important distinction for me and my curriculum, since it’s not only based on her 10 years of experience in the sales and marketing space, but also allows me to coach students through the sources of fear, limiting beliefs, confidence and rational thinking.

What's your program refund policy? 

I show up 100% and fully committed to your team’s success and I expect you and your team to do the same. I don’t have an official refund policy because I believe so strongly that this material works to push your team into a new mindset and higher standard of performance. If you feel strongly that I didn’t deliver the goods as promised, we can talk it out.


Still reading? Then I think it’s time to make the call.